Corsair Void Pro RGB Headset

"Bang for your buck! These headphones offer superb sound quality, comfort and noise cancellation without breaking the bank."
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Fantastic sound for a reasonable price

Great Sound, Good Price

I’ll start this review by saying never before have I invested in a good set of headphones for gaming before this, but I’m glad I did.

The Corsair Void Pro RGB USB Headset is absolutely wonderful, the padded earpieces allow for comfort and breathability while still providing excellent noise canceling capability.

 What continuously baffles me is how designers have been able to work surround sound features into such a small package and thankfully, I can now reliably hear people sneaking up behind me in game, giving me that small heads up before anything goes down.

The genuine Dolby powered speakers provide an outstanding level of audio clarity and fullness, bringing your movies, games and music to a whole new level. Feel like you’re in the action with the immersiveness of 7.1 surround sound.

Reliable Microphone

The microphone is stiff but flexible and positioned so that it does not interfere with your vision, and can be neatly folded up to stow when not in use. The placement of the volume and mute buttons on the earpiece provides convenience compared to the usual in-line controls you need to feel for.

Though this headset is corded, it is also available in a wireless configuration. However the length of the cable is great for whether your machine may be located above, below or beside you. And as always the corded variety is priced lower than the wireless.

Simple RGB displays in the earpieces cycle through different colours when the headset is on, making for a more lively atmosphere in the gaming room. And the adjustable headpiece allows for comfortable usage even when wearing a toque or hat in the chilly seasons.


As many have noted in their own reviews, this headset is wonderful for people with glasses, the padding around the ears is quite soft so there’s less pressure against the temples, allowing for extended periods of gameplay in comfort.
I’ve even gone on to order another pair of these for my girlfriend to use for her gaming and streaming needs, and they’ve held up quite well for her as well.
And so, this headset has not let me down! It comes with a simple program that can help you fine tune the device to suit your game before playing, and even change the colours and patterns they work in with the iCue software which is discord certified so you can jump right in and get talking with your friends.

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