Backyard Adventures: Grounded

"With a setting that very much reminds me of ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’, there are many challenges that await you in the backyard."
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Tiny Adventures Await!

Grounded! This awesome little backyard adventure contains so much adventure packed into a tiny package.

So far our travels have taken us to the (seemingly) massive oak tree and its secrets, the extensive hedge with its twisting branches, the smogged out biome of ‘the haze’ and all over the grassy expanse of The Backyard.

With a setting that very much reminds me of ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’, the challenges that await you upon embarking upon your grand journey include battling the many insects that now have their chance to squash you, and the daily task of eating, drinking and keeping that health bar topped up.

Newly added mechanics such as the bug attacks have brought new challenges to the game while also providing new opportunities.

An ominously large-looking crow sits upon the pond decoration
An ominously large-looking crow

Building Things

The crafting and construction portion of the game is enjoyable and keeps you running to and fro collecting all the required materials to get your character ready for more.

Be sure to pick strategic locations for your bases to make collection and exploration easier.

The Grounded development team has been busy adding new content on a fairly regular basis and the new patches have been received well by the players. With so much to craft, explore and fight  already, the end game is shaping up to be a marvel indeed.

Some of the furniture available in-game

Bigger Badder Creatures

The latest updates to Grounded have brought us more building parts in terms of mushroom brick buildings and the first ‘bosses’ for grounded, The Broodmother and the Termite King.

Taking on the Broodmother was a satisfying challenge that led to even more satisfying rewards. And from there we have been able to scout out the sandbox and the secrets within, and prepare ourselves to delve ‘Into the Wood’ in search of more tiny adventures.

So for now we busy ourselves with building a mushroom castle, and gathering up all the materials and bug parts for the challenges ahead. With so much to do already, and so much more to come, Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded is shaping up to be a serious top-contender in the survival games category.

Just a tiny portion of what the backyard offers to explore

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