"One of the greatest things about Raft is how serene some of the journey can be."
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The Final Chapter has been released, and so Raft is finally complete!

Floating Along

When you first fire up Raft you are met with the expansive ocean, floating along on not much more than a few boards lashed to some floating plastic bits.

Which means it’s time to get gathering! Armed with your plastic hook & rope, you drag in the floating debris of a sunken world to build up your raft and start crafting other useful tools.

Once you’ve gotten yourself a decent amount of floor space you can really begin shaping your raft into whatever you’d like it to be. 

Getting yourself a sustainable means of cooking food and purifying water in the early game is essential to survival in this game.

A beautiful kitchen
The beautiful kitchen on our most recent playthrough

Building And Exploration

One of the most enjoyable parts of the game is designing your raft with endless possibilities for the outcome.

Crafting yourself the collectors will help to automate some of the gathering process for your raft, as they will scoop up the materials you need to build and repair things, while freeing up time for you to do just that.
Exploration in the game depends on the islands that will pop up as you float along, with the ability to direct yourself to areas of interest once you’ve gotten the receiver and at least a sail set up.
There are so many different islands that have been added to the game, and the way they appear is procedurally generated, so you’ll always get a decent mix bag of the islands available to explore.
Diving the reefs is an essential part of the gathering and exploration gameplay as well, which means you’ll need to come up with a solution for the ever present shark.
a well designed paddleboat
One of our early-access builds, the paddleboat!

The Story

The storyline is well built into the game, requiring you to explore one area before the next area can be reached, and gearing you up for the challenges to come along the way.

The story areas are wonderful puzzles to work through with your friends and offer insight to the people who have survived the flooding of the old world.

Some of the story areas contain boss creatures you will have to face, others will be more of a skills test with jump puzzles and other challenges.

We even found the last area to be a good challenge, requiring several attempts to succeed.

A domed city in Raft
What could possibly await us in there...

A Beautiful Sunken World

One of the greatest things about Raft is how serene some of the journey can be. 

Once you have all your creature comforts set up and the raft runs itself, things calm down and you can focus on personalizing your space.

There are storms and other inclement weather events to endure, and if you keep an eye out you can occasionally spot various forms of sea life as it passes your raft.

After completing the story you can continue to decorate your raft with the various collectibles you come across along the way, as well as purchasable decorations from the vending machines later on.

So if you’re into survival games, definitely give Raft a try and bring your friends along for the journey! 

Otherwise you can also check out other survival games like Rust, Subnautica, Grounded and more.

A cozy living room full of plants and decorations
So many decoration choices!

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