The Rusty Days

"Your only goal in Rust is to survive, any way you can. When first stepping foot in the world, you find yourself naked on a beach with nothing but a rock and a torch to save your life, and survival won’t come easily"
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A Cruel And Beautiful World

Rust, oh the tales I can tell of the long days and nights spent immersed in this hilariously cruel world. A procedurally generated island full of resources, loot, hostile NPC characters and ever present threats from other players.

As you explore the various radtowns and monuments scattered around the island you get a good sense of the emptiness and abandoned feel of the game, with many of the buildings in a ruinous state and requiring a bit of crafty jump-work to reach the best loot.

Many of these so-called ‘Radtowns’ or ‘Monuments’ are also home to puzzle games requiring the use of various keycards and fuses, and usually with a combination of the aforementioned jump-puzzles, to access deeper areas of the structure. But rewarding the player with rarer and more valuable items and components for the risk and work required.

The ruins of an old truck in the Outpost monument
An inside view from 'The Compound' monument in Rust

Surprises Lurk Around Every Corner

To spice things up even further, you can be certain that around every corner lurks a threat, something always wants to kill you. It may be bumping into another player while scavenging through the ruins, or death may find you in the form of an angry bear, chasing you down for a snack.

Either way it’s a good idea to get a base set up early before you do any serious exploring or looting, so you have a safe place to respawn (via sleeping bag/bed), as well as a place to put all your goodies. 

Over the years Facepunch Studios has beefed the game up nearly beyond recognition. In the early days of Rust when we started. End-game content consisted of downing the heli, armouring your base, and raiding thine neighbours.

Now we have so many choices for glorious adventure, shall we take a trip to the reworked military tunnels, or perhaps take on an oil rig. Or be more daring and loot the cargo ship SEALS style by boarding it from a scrap heli.

The player-obtainable 'Scrap Heli'

Raid Thy Neighbour

Of course, as always, there is still plenty of raiding to do. With the wide arsenal of weapons available to the players either through research or loot, there are so many ways to have fun attacking and defending player bases.

That being said, some of the more frustrating lessons to learn about Rust is that death is inevitable, being offline raided sucks, and people can be creative in the ways they obtain your loot. Understanding that the game’s very foundation is built upon personal survival serves as a reminder that everyone playing is out for themselves or their clan. Trust nobody!

Nowadays getting around on the island can be done in many different ways thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team at Facepunch. Players can now ride horses, use boats, helicopters, hot air balloons, the addition of modular vehicles and so much more! But as always your trusty legs will do the job, just a little slower.

A modular vehicle with plenty of passenger space sits in a powered garage
A Modular Vehicle sits in a powered garage

Build Your Base Almost Anywhere

With that added mobility came a new edge in raiding and looting. Enabling players to scan the ground for bases from a birds-eye view, reach the tops of structures for easy looting, and allowing for a new angle of attack in many situations.

Keeping that in mind, throughout our time playing Rust, we have grown fond of the caves that are littered throughout the map. Giving shelter from the terrors of the sky, but unleashing a host of new challenges for building as well as now powering our underground bunkers. 

However Rust is a game that requires time and dedication if you wish to see any light in the darkness. The default game session lasts for a month, giving you time to build, explore and fight before the server resets and the map changes.

Electricity setup in a cave featuring an Auto Turret
Electricity setup in a cave on a Modded Server

A Top Ranking Survival Game

I could go on for days talking about the various aspects of the game and the crazy adventures and amazing friends we’ve made. Rust is a game I’m sure to be playing for years to come, the constant desire to upgrade and keep an eye on your base is a carrot on the stick like no other. 

In parting all I can say is that I hope you give this game a try, it’s a wild ride and certainly not for everyone. But it has its charms and is worth a shot if you enjoy other survival, building or shooter games like Subnautica.

You can find Rust available on Steam!

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