Satisfactory: Update 6

"As my latest factory nears the 400 hour mark, I more often find myself wandering around and simply marveling at my own creations"
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A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Changes!

Hey everyone, here we are again nearly a year since Update 5 dropped for Satisfactory and I can’t wait to tell you about all the awesome things that have been added to Satisfactory with Update 6’s release today.

These days I more often find myself wandering around and simply marveling at my own creations because of the huge amount of aesthetic building pieces that have been added, and with so much more to come.

There are simply going to be more and more ways to make your factories stand out.

A beautiful view of my factory at night.

New Toys

As I was writing up this new little bit, Coffee Stain Studios released another patch the other day which added some exciting new pieces to Satisfactory.

Such as the Half-Foundation which opens the door for a lot more detailing possibilities, and makes it even easier to hide conveyors behind walls in their own little hallways.

Along with the new foundation pieces they have finally begun to add rounded foundations, though not the full sized versions yet nor the rounded walls I’ve long been wanting for.

The first idea I had for these rounded bits was for some raised stages to place my statues upon, as for other uses they look quite good as large pillars and perhaps a nice new way of decorating pipe systems.

An overlooking view of my HUB area

Cleaner Setups

The newly added ‘No Indicator’ Pipelines also help to smooth out and pretty up those areas that tend to get overwhelming with the amount of piping needed.

Aside from the newest bits being added with recent patches, Update 6’s arrival on the Experimental branch has allowed us to explore some of the newly renovated areas of the map in Satisfactory like Spire Coast and the Swamp.

The dev team has been hard at work fleshing out a number of new items and unlocks in the MAM (Like adding the ability to research Turbo Fuel!), as well as gracing players with the ability to wear most equipment pieces at the same time, Blade-Runners plus Jetpack equals fast exploration.

I’ve also been having a blast setting up the train systems with the Signals, it is oh so satisfying to watch your trains interact on the tracks. Courteously allowing each-other to pass before proceeding down their scheduled paths.

hmmm, needs more light

More Adventure

On top of all the additions mentioned already, the developers have also updated the creature AI and overhauled their visuals as well.

Spitters and Hogs now have new sounds as well, and all the creatures now drop their respective ‘meats’. Killing the Space Giraffe no longer drops loot, “only guilt now”.

So now it’s off to explore these new areas and set to work on further expanding my factory! I’ve got my sights set on a new Nuclear Power setup running off the richer uranium deposits in the south-central area of the map.

So much more still to be seen

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