A Satisfactory Experience: Update 5

"Super nerdy fun! Explore and consume an alien planet and build giant factories to craft more and more complex components and items"
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I’m going to start by saying that Satisfactory did not strike me as ‘my kind of game’ when I first heard and saw it. I thought, Factory sim? Nahhh… But I gave it a try anyway. The trailers I had seen were reminding me of the nice, near-touchable look of Subnautica and I was curious to see what the gameplay would be like.

Fast forward to a year later and I have sunk hundreds of hours into building up factories to churn out the various components and pieces of equipment you find yourself in need of. And loving every minute of it.

The developers have meshed a wonderful game of exploration, gathering, resource management, automation and progression into a wonderful experience that will have you lost in thought about potential setups for future factories.

Though the storyline is yet to be complete, the goals set out for you to achieve through the HUB and the Space Elevator are enough carrot-on-a-stick to keep you going and going as it is.

Coffee Stain Studios' cover image for Satisfactory's Update 5
Satisfactory's latest update brings a whack of tools for prettying up your factories

An Enormous Amount Of Space

The map itself is already quite large and you will find more than you need to progress through to end-game in any area you set up in. With numerous other nodes and resource points to collect from as you expand and explore.

The look and feel of the game is quite smooth and the content updates are always chock full of goodies to work into your existing creations or for sparking ideas for entirely new playthroughs.

Now with update 5 out and looking towards the next content patch, I find myself busy tidying things up, slapping down beautiful signs and zoooping up new factories in a jiffy.

Some neatly arranged signs to give direction in the factory
Some neatly arranged signs in a more recent playthrough

Get Around In Style

Getting around the map and your factories can feel like a pain at first, but with exploration and research there are some pretty nifty gadgets for hurling yourself across the landscape.

Some personal favourites being the Hyper-Tubes and the ‘Blade Runners’, which are a nice early game unlock that increases your ability to run and jump.

So far Satisfactory has been a blast to sink many hours into, and with a developer studio like Coffee Stain Studios at the helm, makers of the famed Goat Simulator, and the recently released viking adventure Valheim by Iron Gate under their wings there’s no doubt there is so much more to come.

A high angle view of my first factory in Satisfactory
A high angle view of my first late-game factory in Satisfactory

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