Building and Exploring in Space: An Introduction to Space Engineers

"The fantastic space sandbox from Keen Software, build space ships, stations, rovers, and whatever else you can think of in Space Engineers!"
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Open Sandbox Gameplay

Space Engineers is a sandbox game that allows players to build, explore, and survive in space. Developed by Keen Software House back in 2013 with early access on Steam and officially released in 2019 invites players to explore and create any number of vehicles and buildings to suit their needs in an expansive, fully destructible space environment. 

One of the defining features of Space Engineers is the freedom it gives players to build and create. The game offers a wide variety of blocks and components that can be used to construct ships and stations of all shapes and sizes. From small one-man fighters to massive space stations, the possibilities are endless.

The game also features a realistic physics engine that simulates the movement and behavior of objects in space, adding an extra layer of realism to the building experience.

Whatever play style you enjoy, there is a mode for you! With the ability to work through developer and community created scenarios, load up an entire solar system to explore survival style, or even just an empty expanse of space to work on a large project in creative mode, there is certainly some time to be spent in this game.

A sleek fighter jet style space shuttle hovers over a frozen lake
A space shuttle of my own design

Singleplayer, Multiplayer & Endless Mods

Along with all the options already mentioned for play styles in Space Engineers, you can also choose to play alone, with friends, or join a public server for any number of mini-games, events and rule-sets.

You can choose to start a game with a wide variety of mods from more AI engagements, to quality-of-life mods for ore finding, and even mods that add more blocks to build with.

Space Engineers has been supported with an awesome and highly active community, creating and sharing ship, station, rover and even in-game scripts on the Steam Workshop allowing any player to download and re-create their designs with the aid of an in-game projector, or run scripts on the in-game programmable block.

A space-mining vehicle floats in the foreground of an asteroid base and larger ship.
Another of my desings, a space-mining vehicle sits in front of my wip asteroid base and small carrier.

Space Engineers: The Next Generation

With nearly four years tucked into their belts with Space Engineers being fully released, and their in-house developed engine to power the game, V-Rage 2 still delivering.

Keen Software has brought us a game with endless replayability, and we look forward to their work on the upcoming V-Rage 3 engine and what some gamers are terming ‘Space Engineers 2’. Only time will tell what more we can expect from this team, if you want to see what has been in the works so far, be sure to check out this video from community member Captain Jack on YouTube.

Overall, Space Engineers is a unique and exciting game that offers players the freedom to build and create in the vastness of space. Whether you’re a fan of building games or survival games, or just love exploring the unknown, Space Engineers is definitely worth checking out.

Please note that, this is a basic blog post and it might lack some technical details and accurate information regarding the game. It’s always recommended to check the game’s official website or forums for more information.

And of course, if you enjoy this style of game, be sure to check out our posts on other similar survival craft games like Rust and The Long Dark!

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