Subnautica: Into the Depths

"In my opinion, the best survival game on the market. An immersive story paired with an immensely enjoyable gameplay experience."
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Take A Deep Dive

When I first heard of Subnautica I wasn’t entirely sold, I had been playing Rust, Conan Exiles, and other survival focused games and didn’t see the allure of survival in an underwater setting.

Boy was I in for a surprise, Subnautica has easily made itself comfortable in the #1 spot on my list of best survival games. And for good reason.

First of all, I got the game free from the Epic Games Store back in December 2018, making it an easy decision to try it out.

Nearly 4 years later and I have bought the game for friends as well as the xbox version and completed many playthroughs, just because it’s that good.

An alien construction is seen on one of the Islands
An alien structure found on one of the Islands

Breathtaking Scenes & Curious Creatures

The world of Subnautica is beautifully constructed and jam-packed with life in all its forms; lush kelp forests teeming with alien fish, vast barren sand dunes patrolled by giants, and craggy cave-ridden rock facades with maze-like tunnels one can easily become lost in.

And at every turn, a voracious carnivore or other hazard to avoid.

Like most survival games, the learning curve is steep and there is little in the fashion of a tutorial or guidance. You must read your PDA and scan, pick up or interact with nearly everything you see at first in order to learn how to survive. 

As you enter the game you are somewhat violently tossed into this beautiful alien world and will have to find the resources and tools to survive.

Embarking on your first dive reveals the expansive world beneath the waves, teeming with fantastic creatures and breathtaking scenery.

The sun sets on an alien world
The sun sets over this alien water-world

Explore, Build, Survive and Unravel the Mysteries

All of the user interfaces and actions feel polished, the PDA voice gives you a good chuckle now and then in the sometimes eerily quiet waters, and the story is deeply immersive.

As the game pushes you to explore further and dive deeper you may encounter some of the more gripping features, such as the Leviathan class creatures and bottom dwellers who aren’t too happy about the bright lights you bring with you.

Building in Subnautica is a breeze, pieces snap together smoothly and look sleek once it’s all done.

Particularly exciting is the construction of various vehicles allowing for faster transportation, mobility, and mobile storage.

A view of the 'Prawn' exo-suit and the 'Cyclops' in the background
A couple of the submersible vehicles that can be crafted

The Tools For The Job

Gathering resources never feels like a chore regardless of how far along you have progressed, the sea floor is littered with everything you need to survive.

Using the scanner once you’ve made it will enable you to unlock more tools and equipment to make survival even easier.

Exploration is key in Subnautica, as you peek into every nook and cranny, and dive deeper into the darkness, the game world gives up its secrets and you will find everything you need to thrive.

The next installment of the series Subnautica: Below Zero brings us to the frozen ice caps of the planet, though reviews for it are unfortunately low, the beauty of the artwork and the additional building features added were interesting enough to spend some time there as well.

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