The Long Dark: A Survivors Story

"You’re alone, freezing, starving, and injured. The plane you were traveling in has crashed in poor weather, in the far reaches of northern Canada, but you have survived. It is now you against the wild, and the night has just begun."
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A Deep And Emotional Story

The Long Dark is a tremendous story that engulfs your mind with the struggles of these wayward souls, trudging through knee deep snow and fending off the hungry wolves as the blizzards bear down.

It’s easy to spend hours on end guiding the characters from one safe place to another, keeping them warm by the fire and fed, while searching for the resources and tools required to push on.

Canada’s very own Hinterland Studios has created a masterpiece in The Long Dark, topping the survival genre lists of many a gamer, they have captured the essence of utter solitude.

Whether you find yourself playing the Survival mode, which pits the player against the environment, or working through the Episodes as they’re released, you always feel like you’re lost in the woods.

The sun sets over a frozen lake in the mountains
Night approaches in Canada's frozen North

A Challenging Survival Game

If you do choose to play Survival you find yourself facing a hostile world, with bitter cold and howling wind, unpredictable weather patterns mean you can suddenly find yourself in whiteout conditions.

Luckily the landscapes are dotted with various hunting cabins, abandoned towns, and ditched vehicles, giving you plenty of places to loot and rest up before continuing your journey.

Starting up the story mode you can expect the same survival conditions but on more of a guided tour through the game’s content, and having the choice to begin with either Episode 1 or 3 gives you even more control over the perspectives of the characters involved and the challenges that face them both.

A cozy refuge from the wintery storms outside

Use The Bounties Of Nature

Regardless of the mode you choose to start your game in, you will be faced with the need to scavenge, forage, hunt and trap.

As well as learn and refine a host of other skills which will aid your survival like fire making and sewing. The frozen wilderness has little mercy and you will find yourself in challenging conditions but with the right equipment even the worst situations can be overcome with relative ease.

Overall I enjoy the game’s ability to pass along that feeling of loneliness and harsh climate, bringing the immersiveness to a whole new level. I particularly enjoyed playing when it was also dark and snowy outside my window in the winter!

Wolves lurk near a ruined cabin in a burnt out forest

Valuable Content Updates

I hope Hinterland is making good progress on the next episode, it has been difficult not to say too much and spoil stuff!

So far the story leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly happen next. In the meantime they have kept people coming back for more with constant content updates giving players new tools and resources to combat the wilderness.

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